Reflections on class #12

I wasn’t able to attend class last week, but it sounds like it was quite the class! It seems like I missed quite the time with the introduction of Blackboard and the ability to draw on slides before Kristin had to take away privileges (full disclosure: I know I would have been one of them!). I’m definitely bummed about missing this class because I think it would have been incredibly useful to get some hands-on experience with Blackboard, but I’ll definitely be sure to get a good look at it so that I’m fully prepared for webinar time.

I’ll admit: I’m way more terrified of this webinar than I had been of the book club or the one-shot workshop. That’s probably because we’re being graded on our performance and not the reflection, which really makes me quite nervous. I’m excited about mine and Kirsten’s topic, for sure, but any time that I have to simultaneously use technology and speak in front of people usually ends up being quite the experience.  Despite all of the nerves, I know that this experience is extremely practical, because webinars are HUGE in the library world right now. I also feel like I can put this on my resume and it’s going to set me apart.

It seems like we also talked a little about our Twitter experiences, and that some people, like me, are a bit apathetic about it. I’ll be honest: I haven’t touched my Twitter since last week. It’s not that I hate it, but I have so little time right now, and if I do something other than homework, that activity has to really capture my attention, and so far, Twitter hasn’t done that. To be honest, Twitter (because I use it for professional reasons) feels a little like homework. I don’t mean that in a bad way, necessarily, but it’s just not the social networking site I go to for fun.

Reading other people’s posts, it’s obvious I’m not the only nervous one about the webinars. But we’ve got this, guys! Good luck to everyone and I can’t wait to see your webinars!



4 thoughts on “Reflections on class #12

  1. I’ll be lurking behind the scenes at your webinar, so holler if you need a hand. Part of why I think webinars are an important grad school task is because it’s good to practice before the real world is watching. 🙂

  2. “Despite all of the nerves, I know that this experience is extremely practical, because webinars are HUGE in the library world right now. I also feel like I can put this on my resume and it’s going to set me apart.”

    I’m sure you’ll do fine! I’m super excited to see what you and Kirsten have in store for us. And despite the nerves, i also appreciated this experience as well. It was great practice in planning, teamwork, and execution. I’d love to put this on my resume, but have no clue where it would go :D. But good luck!!

  3. The webinars were challenging, sure, but they were fine! Although they’re kind of scary, just remember that it’s only us listening on the other end. And most of us have already done ours, so we know how difficult it is! Good luck!!

  4. I was more nervous about the webinar until we were actually doing it, personally, and then I realized that not being able to actually see anyone made it easier to say what I needed to say and be done with it. I wasn’t as worried that people were interested in what I was saying, or wondering what people were thinking in the middle of trying to say what I needed to say. Having experience in them will definitely be helpful in the future, and I am (kind of) glad that I can say I have done one.

    As a side note… I was shocked that fellow grad students were drawing on the sides. I guess it’s just something that would have never occurred to me to do, and it seemed… almost childish, in a way that I thought that most of us had gotten past. Not sure what that reaction means, considering you said you’d have likely been one of them, but, there it is.

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