Reflections on class #10: One-Shot Workshops wrap-up

Last class, we did our One-Shot Workshops, and they went really well! I had been really nervous beforehand, but after I was done, I couldn’t even begin to imagine why because it was actually a lot of fun!

I’ll admit: being a facilitator, although fun, was nervewracking. It was difficult to gauge the amount of time we’d need, and sometimes it was hard to keep things on track. It really helped that the group Mollie and I were with participated a lot, and there was no teeth-pulling, so to say, when we asked questions (which was a relief). There’s nothing worse than getting up in front of people trying to invite discussion, and then nothing happens. Luckily, we didn’t have to deal with that!

I think I’ve been to one workshop in my entire life, so I really don’t have a sort of “template” to go by, but I enjoyed them and I think they were educational, so they served their purpose, I think! The five we had were:

  • Collaboration between school, public, and academic librarians (which was mine and Mollie’s)
  • An introduction to the World Digital Library
  • How we, as librarians, share (or don’t share) information
  • How to deal with problematic behavior from patrons
  • How to be respectful towards others in awkward situations

I think that when I always thought of a workshop, I always really thought of them teaching you something tangible, of sorts, like how to deal with technology, for example. But they can also include things like how to deal with problematic behavior, so I’m glad I got an exposure to a few different kinds. Almost all of them involved discussion about situations we had personally been in in regards to the topic, and a few included scenarios as well. I think the major problem we had were time constraints; I think several–if not all–of the workshops could have gone on for longer.

My favorite part of the workshop Mollie and I hosted was during our interactive Venn Diagram section; we drew a large Venn Diagram on the board, consisting of three circles, representing school, academic, and public librarians. We then asked our group what sort of situations where each group could collaborate with one another. We got so many varied answers, and there were more than a few situations that I hadn’t thought of before. That portion was the part I was most nervous about because without audience participation, it probably would’ve fallen flat, but our group was great in answering our questions!

So all and all, very good experience! It’s really awesome that we’re getting to be involved in so many different experiences this semester. Although I don’t know if I would have previously thought I could do a workshop, it’s nice to know, after surviving one, that I can!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on class #10: One-Shot Workshops wrap-up

  1. You and Mollie did a great job! I certainly never thought of the implications that librarians don’t collaborate, because I assumed they did. You guys definitely gave me some ideas for future reference! Great job!

  2. It sounds like there were some awesome workshops going on in the room down the hall from me! I would be interested to see this Venn Diagram you talk about, I don’t think the way I have it set up in my head is the way you have it in practice. I’d love to hear some of the ways that people thought the different types of libraries could work together!

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